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What is The E-COS?

E-COS stands for the E-Commerce Operating System, in this book we will be using the term The E-COSystem for short. It is the melding of over two decades of experience into a format that is immediately actionable, easy to implement and e-commerce focused.

You can look at The E-COSystem in a very real sense by imagining an apple tree in the middle of a wide open field. Without care and essential inputs the tree will simply wither and die. The ultimate goal in this scenario is to grow the apple tree into a strong and healthy producer of succulent and perfectly ripened fruit. If you look at your tree as being your business, it starts to become apparent what is most important to the long term growth and viability inside of your E-COSystem. An apple tree that is well taken care of and fed correctly will consistently produce beautiful fruit for well over fifty years. In the next few chapters we will strive to outline how to Plant, Grow, Prune and Harvest your tree for years to come.

To start, let’s break down how you as a Founder fit into the system.

The Rainmaker and The Caretaker

Let’s start with The Rainmaker. In business the term Rainmaker has traditionally come with negative connotations. But in the context of The E-COSystem, I plan to take back this term and assign it a respectable place in any company. A first look at the Rainmaker shows that it is an essential part of your trees successful growth. Without the life-giving water they provide, your tree will become stuck at the seed stage. No seed can sprout without this rain. In a drought, this essential lifeblood can bring back even the sickest tree. In business you are the Rainmaker. You provide the life of the business. Without you, the tree withers and dies.

As The Rainmaker you move away from the daily operations of the business, this essential position is instead filled by The E-COSystem Caretaker. What you provide to the tree is what I call the MVP. The MVP provides overall guidance to your company and if correctly applied will filter up through the business and allows for the harvest of only the juiciest fruit. By providing a Mission, a Vision and your Passion, your tree can reach peak performance without compromise. It represents consistency and a constant guide for your team. Great Rainmakers precipitate an optimistic, compelling vision of the where the company is moving and explain how their staff’s mission contributes to the overall growth of the tree.

In the corresponding chapter we will discuss and show how you as a Rainmaker can feed your tree the sustenance it needs.

In the same chapter we will also discuss the Caretaker role in detail. This responsibility traditionally comes with many names. COO, VP of operations, Scrum Master or Implementer are commonly associated with this role in the business. At its simplest the Caretaker takes The Rainmakers Mission, Vision and Passion or MVP for short and designs the processes to make sure they are followed consistently. They prune the tree branches of issues that starve your fruit production, they hoe the soil to help the life-giving water reach the roots, and they keep the trunk running vertically in order to grow as tall as possible. No apple tree can grow successfully without proper maintenance and the caretaker is there to take on the role.

You have to ask yourself a question though. Does a Caretaker hold up your tree or do they facilitate the efficient capitalization of techniques needed for the tree to grow to its true potential? In the case of The E-COSystem the answer is clear. In order to scale, the Caretaker must facilitate growth, they must make it easier for the nutrients to reach the places within the tree that require it. Constantly pruning off the pieces that move away from The Rainmakers MVP.

E-COSystem Diagram

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